pro • gre - si - te | noun

Forward motion with a spark of energy, ideas and passion.



More than anything, Progressity has a heart for helping our clients envision a bigger future for themselves. As a result, they achieve greater success.


Our clients never see cookie cutter service coming out of our shop. Whether it’s developing a Strategic Roadmap™, creating a leadership training program for your team or designing a multi-million dollar capital campaign for your nonprofit, we are ready to deliver creative, authentic service.



Enjoy this snapshot of Progressity's history since 2001:


October 5, 2001 – A company is born! Our fearless leader Kathleen DuBois unleashes her entrepreneurial spirit and incorporates her own consulting firm, calling it DaisySeed Communications, Inc.



December 17, 2001 – Kathleen officially sets up shop with a suite of particleboard furniture in the spare bedroom of her Morgantown, West Virginia apartment.



December 17, 2001 - The firm lands its first client, The EdVenture Group. Kathleen serves as their marketing strategist and hires creative guru Michael Teel to be the designer on the project. Soon after, Kathleen asks Michael to join the team as lead designer. He works remotely from the Washington, DC area.   



October 2002 – Kathleen relocates to Charleston, West Virginia. She sets up a home office in her basement, which is subject to regular flooding (requiring all of the furniture to be put up on wood blocks) and frequent visits from big, hairy crickets. 



March 2003 – Kathleen decides to ditch the hairy crickets. She moves the firm out of her home and into bona fide office space in the Charleston Area Alliance Building. Her tiny office is adjacent to the men’s bathroom. Kathleen endures a daily 5 o’clock “symphony of flushes” due to the custodian’s lively cleaning efforts.



November 2004 – Michael Teel and his family to move to West Virginia so that he can work onsite and full-time with the firm. From that point forward, Michael becomes an integral part of the business, leading our creative department and serving as resident comedian.



April 2006 – To convey the true nature of the firm’s commitment to progress and results, DaisySeed Communications rebrands itself as Progressity, Inc. The name was created by marrying the concepts of “progress” and “electricity.”



October 2008 – Kathleen masters the art of teaching others how to set and achieve goals and becomes certified as a LifeSuccess Consultant.



June 1, 2010 – Progressity relocates to One Bridge Place and builds out cool office space in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. The firm expands with added staff.



October 5, 2011 –Yippee, yahoo, ki-yay! Progressity turns 10 years old. What a wild journey it has been since the firm’s humble beginnings in 2001. From an idea and working from a spare bedroom to clients that span from California to Florida.



February 2012 – Kathleen unleashes her inner writer and publishes her first book, Monday Motivation: 52 lessons for living the best year of your life (2nd edition published in 2014).



July 2014 – Progressity opens a Washington, DC office. The Charleston, WV office continues to thrive.



August 2015 – Michael Teel, Progressity's longtime creative director, launches Teel Design Group (TDG). Progressity and TDG now operate as strategic partners.



August 2015 – Kathleen DuBois aligns with the world's top leadership and management expert, John C. Maxwell, and becomes a John Maxwell Team certified leadership coach and trainer.