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Kathleen J. DuBois, M.A.

Executive Coach and Strategist for Corporate and Nonprofit Executives

Make 2019 an incredible year. Feel more focused and confident. Create clarity and a strategy for your life, both personally and professionally.


What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative, confidential relationship in which Kathleen helps her clients cast a vision for their lives and establish a roadmap for success. The coaching process moves you forward from where you are now to where you desire to be--coaching is not therapy. With Kathleen’s help, you can experience measurable, and often game-changing, results. Coaching only works if you are willing to think and act differently and take productive action on a consistent basis. It requires work and the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

How Can Working With Kathleen Help You?

For more than 25 years, Kathleen has coached and advised executives and everyday professionals from all walks of life. When working with Kathleen, you drive the focus for your customized coaching program. Along the way, she gives you the tools that ensure success. Support is typically provided in the following areas:

  • Getting clear on what a good life (and good work) looks like

  • Identifying limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward personally and professionally.

  • Setting goals and creating a game plan to achieve them

  • Cultivating an abundance mentality

  • Improving confidence and clarity

  • Making decisions that honor your values

  • Building personal leadership skills

  • Creating an environment for accountability


Who Should Enroll?

Anyone who has a strong desire to create improvements in their life and is willing to make necessary changes (sometimes hard changes) can benefit from coaching. Kathleen regularly works with:

  • Business leaders and nonprofit CEOs

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Corporate and nonprofit executives who are approaching retirement or who have recently retired

  • Anyone who is feeling in a rut and is ready for a change


How Does This Coaching Program Work?

  • Upon registering for the program, clients must complete an in-depth questionnaire.

  • The program consists of six one-on-one coaching sessions (first session is two hours, the remaining sessions are 60 to 90 minutes). The sessions are scheduled for a mutually beneficial time. However, a consistent day and time is preferred. 24 hour cancellation is required.

  • You have unlimited email access to Kathleen in between the coaching sessions (during weekday workdays).

  • Sessions take place via Skype. Clients must have a computer with a camera and be able to participate fully in an uninterrupted environment.

  • Clients are given thought-provoking assignments to complete between sessions that require self-reflection and goal setting. If you decide to enroll, it is essential that you play full on. Positive change requires shifts in thinking, words and actions. These exercises will be fully focused on your growth and success.

Cost? Don't Miss This Special Offer!

  • Enroll by December 1st and receive a special rate of $1,500 for the full six-week program (a savings of $800!).

  • Payment in full is required upon enrolling via online payment or e-check.

  • Once enrolled, Kathleen will send you a questionnaire for completion. Then, get ready to become a better version of yourself.