"Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less."

                                                            ~John C. Maxwell


This 360-degree on-line assessment tool is used as part of our leadership development services. The Maxwell Leadership Assessment has been designed to garner feedback from you and others around you to identify areas and opportunities for leadership growth. The report provides measurement on 64 leadership attributes.


Monday Motivation: 52 Lessons for Living the Best Year of Your Life A little book with a lot of POWER! (2nd Edition)



Want to live your best life? This book and companion PDF companion workbook will transform your results though mini lessons and powerful exercises from Kathleen’s latest book.


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Monday Motivation FREE Workbook

FREE companion workbook in PDF format


To manifest the strongest benefit from my call to action exercises, use this workbook to write out your reflections and intentions for each item you are working on.



Minute with Maxwell

Your Free Daily Coaching Video with
John C. Maxwell

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You'll love John Maxwell’s daily video teachings. They're short, powerful and practical.


In A Minute with Maxwell, John focuses on a key topic each day, based on a specific word for the day. Get ready to learn and grow with lessons you can instantly apply to both your personal and professional life. Try it out and share with others!



Mobile Motivation: Inspiration to Go!

Audio CD


Need a boost and some encouragement? These 12 mini audio lessons are great for people on the go. Listen to Kathleen's teachings on persistence, goal setting, passion...and more! Play these over and over again in your car or while walking or running with your favorite mobile device, and get ready to grow. CD in jewel case. 38 minutes.

Inspired people inspire others.

Every Monday morning, Kathleen sends subscribers a thought-provoking quote, short lesson and quick call to action. And it's free! Join readers from all over the world who want to be their best to help others be their best.

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Awesome, awesome, thought provoking, uplifting, inspirational, motivational, words that mean so much to me.! I look forward to your weekly letter with such anticipation that gives me strength / motivation to tackle the forthcoming week.

~Lorne G.

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