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When the Tamarack Foundation came to us with the vision of allowing Artisans to showcase their products via an online platform, Team Progressity knew this would be a fantastic project to apply our imaginative energies.

Together, the Tamarack Foundation-Progressity duo were able to bring into existence a visually stimulating web site that offers ease of use for the visitors, simple content management by the Artisans and graceful administrative tools for the Foundation. The functionality also allows Artisans to share their information and business locations.

Throughout the course of the project, Progressity worked collaboratively with Sally Barton and her team at the Tamarack Foundation to merge ideas and features into an original website that ties in some of today’s more custom features including Facebook Authentication and Google Maps.

WV Arts TrailWe were pleased after our initial launch when the Tamarack Foundation approached us again with a follow-up project, “West Virginia Arts Trail”. This feature on their site allows visitors to create a “Trail” of Artisans and display the optimized route to visit those Artisans using Google Maps. Each Artisan list is custom for every visitor. Access is maintained by simply using an email or Facebook Authentication.

Throughout the Tamarack Artisan Foundation enterprise, our team been able to leverage our experiences from previous projects, streamline that knowledge into simple, yet very functional, features and implement these attributes out of client- born ideas. Together, we created a tapestry of features that enable Artisans to exhibit their creations, promote their businesses and provide visitors to this site a state-of-the-art route and guidance to tour their favorites.

Whether you are searching for a particular art medium or are a participating Artisan, we hope you find this site to be very compelling and visually pleasing.

Progressity is very grateful to be an on-going contributor to the chemistry of the important work at Tamarack Foundation. They are truly changing lives, one Artisan at a time!

Harry Morgan | Lead Programmer for Progressity, Inc.

Kathleen DuBois is president of Progressity, Inc., a strategic marketing firm based in Washington, DC and Charleston, WV specializing in small businesses and large nonprofits. Visit them on the web at

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